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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Keyes helping Bush?
Alan Keyes has been getting a lot of flack from conservatives for his admittedly nutty behavior during his run for Senate in Illinois. He's said some off-kilter things, and he's obviously going to get killed in November. But...

Check out the latest presidential poll from Illinois. Whatever else Keyes is, he's very persuasive. I theorize that, along with Kerry's obvious implosion, Keyes is--while not persuading anyone to vote for him over Obama, because he's coming off as a nutjob--persuading people to vote for Bush over Kerry.

So, I remain the Keyes fan that I have been since 1996. Sure he's a kook--but he's really very good at what he does, and he could just help surprise a lot of Illinois Dems in November.
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