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This here blog is a glimpse or two or three at the condition of the 'fortress of our family' through the eyes Timothy Goddard, a Christian writer with an unhealthy interest in politics living in the Puget Sound area.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

A Modest Proposall
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has committed to eradicating homelessness in the next 10 years.

...Nickels’ proposed budget also increases funding levels for direct human services from 2004 to 2005, investing $2.3 million for a new hygiene center, day center, and shelter for homeless people to be sited near the new Fire Station 10. “Despite these efforts, at times it seems like we are bailing water in the midst of an ocean of need,” Nickels said. “A new approach is needed. We as a community and a nation need to stop managing homelessness and start ending it.”

He called for the community to fight to eliminate homelessness within 10 years, promising Seattle will do its part and will take the fight to the other Washington and Olympia. “We’re going to fight policies that treat people like refuse,” Nickels said. “Human beings who need help should not be cut loose and dumped on the streets of any city in America.”

My question is this: What policies do we have that treat people like refuse? Is there some carefully hidden "Garbage clause" in the State Constitution? RCW You.re.Tra.sh or something like that? If there is, I'd like to see it. Sounds like a good time. Indeed, I have a much better solution to Seattle's homeless problem than Mayor Nickels', which will cost very little and require no buildings, services, or vaccinations.

Shoot the Homeless.

Seriously, this is a great solution to our problem, and certainly the only one that has a chance of eradicating homelessness in Seattle in the next 10 years. Just think. If we killed all the homeless within city limits, the problem could be gone overnight. It's not like they're making any lasting social contributions beyond keeping liquor stores and homeless health clinics in business. And word would definitely get around. No longer would Seattle be a Bum's Paradise of comfortable freeway overpasses, liberal politicians, and million-dollar self-composting toilets. But I repeat myself.

If Nickels follows my plan, I guarantee an immediate drop in homeless immigration to the area. And just think--it would take a whole lot less than 10 years to get it done. And he could have a lasting legacy as the Mayor who solved the problem of urban homelessness permanently.
Agree, disagree, have more information on the topic? Please, feel free to leave a comment. No profanity!

...or we could just eat the homeless.
Now I like to think I know you all just well enough to assume that this is tongue in cheek, but just so you know, to this moderate republican, this isn't all that cool, even as a joke.

Sorry for being a stick in the mud.
Would you also be disgruntled by a proposal that the wealthy eat the children of the poor, or is it just the shooting that bothers you?
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