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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Smashing the right to free association
It looks like Washington State will attempt to become the only other state in the union besides Louisiana to have a "Top Two" primary. This is a terrible idea on its face: if the only state that does something is Louisiana, then you have to figure it's probably a terrible idea.

The funny thing is that everyone should hate this: the Republicans and Democrats, certainly, because it means that Republicans will never appear on the ballot in Seattle, and Dems will never appear on the ballot in Spokane. Greens and Libertarians should hate it, because they'll never appear on the ballot anywhere this way. The only people who shouldn't hate this change are those who don't care too much about the political process in the first place--this is, of course, the majority.

The funny thing is, when all is said and done, people like me are going to turn out better than the average voter. This is because the parties will probably not stand for this sort of nonsense, and will hold conventions or caucuses to nominate their own candidates prior to the primary, giving even more power to politically active types like yours truly, and taking it away from everyone else. I'm ok with that, really--but everyone else should hate it.

Richard Derham has a lengthier--and very, very good--explanation of why I-872 is a terrible idea.
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