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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The state of the race
George Will had a great column today (pointed out to me by my Air Force Guy). The key paragraph:
Almost any good news, about the economy or war, will help Bush. And the most likely bad news, about the war, is apt to hurt Kerry in two ways. It will make his preferred domestic policy issues seem minor, and will reinforce Bush's theme that he is the candidate most focused on and muscular about the world's multiplying dangers.
Kerry can't run on the war anymore--they're trying to frame it as having "cleared the foreign policy hurdle"--and so is trying desperately to focus on the economy and his big bag of tasty government treats. Trouble is, the economy is getting better, and Bush has got his own government food: but it's grown-up food, like social security refom and health care savings accounts. And that's why Bush is going to win, and why a fourth poll has come out giving Bush a lead of seven points or more (and this was a poll of registered, not likely voters).
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