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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Three signs, and then some
In his interview with Hugh Hewitt, Bush strategist Matthew Dowd pointed out something I also noticed the other day:
His key point: There are three signs of a collapsing campaign. First, the candidate who is falling like a rock challenges his opponent to weekly debates. Second, the candidate who is sinking shuffles his senior staff. Third, the candidate who is the walking dead says that the only poll that counts is the poll on election day. Dowd pointed out that Kerry has already scored two of the three. Heh.
Of course, as Tim Graham at The Corner noted, Kerry's surrogates are already making it three for three, with a mass email that wants desperately to explain "Why Bush's Bounce Won't Matter."
After four days of the Republican convention, national polls will likely find President Bush in the lead in the race for the White House. The Bush campaign is banking on using this so-called bounce to claim an early victory.

Of course, this bounce business is a mind game. Polls measure how the nation feels at a given time, but they’re terrible at measuring who’s going to actually get out and vote in battleground states. And when you look at those numbers, this is our race to win.
Sure it is, kids. Sure it is.

There are a few other signs of a collapsing campaign. Stupid insults directed at the opponent in the plain view of the public. I was young, but I knew Bush 41 was going to lose when I heard him say "My dog Millie knows more about foreign policy than these two bozos!" Kerry has tiptoed right up to this line, but he hasn't crossed it yet, saving his insults for mutterings to supporters and staff, and pointing them at Bush's staff rather than Bush himself.

I'll post others as they come to me--feel free to suggest a few.
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