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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

You learned what where?
I heard the first half of Kerry's speech today: the one that was supposed to clear up any confusion that was surrounding his views on Iraq. To sum up: "Bush made the wrong choices, I will make the right ones." Sure you will, bud. Sure you will.

One thing he said, though, really got my goat (ok, two things: in an unprepared remark at the beginning, he declared "we need leadership that doesn't look to the lowest common denominator of America, but the highest common denominator," which is one of the stupidest things ever declared by man, though it's been said over and over again). I've heard him say this before, too, in his convention speech, I believe:
If there’s one thing I learned from my own service, I would never have gone to war without a plan to win the peace.
Huh? Excuse me, but how does a few months in a war zone teach you that? I mean, it could have taught you a lot of things--some of them, I'll grant, even useful for the President of the United States to know--but what's this about "winning the peace?" That was certainly not what Kerry was dealing with on his swift boat in the Mekong Delta, and yet "if there's one thing [he] learned" there, it's all about it. This is a flagrantly dishonest statement designed only to tie Kerry's most legitimate criticism of Bush to his only qualification for Bush's job.
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